+ 'we were not here last week, we were on vacation', craig ferguson admits, 'because we werent here last week, it was the eighth anniversary of this show last week, so that means today is the first day of the ninth season of this show!  i cant believe this crap has been on the air for so long!  over 1600 shows- three of them were not bad!  cbs has been behind us all the way, of course, thanks to you guys.  8 seasons, 1600 shows, and one promo!  i'll tell you why its a great day today, because two beloved institutions have returned.  yesterday the nhl has agreed to end the strike, and on the same day downton abbey season three began.  is this a coincidence?  i think not!  i'd love to see more hockey on downton abbey!  a lot of people are excited about the new season of downton abbey, not me though because i've seen it.  i was over in britain over the festive period and i watched it while i was there over the holidays.  now, i'm going to give a huge downton abbey spoiler now, so if you are a fan, turn down the volume or look away.  here's the huge spoiler:  things do not go well for dumpledore this season- he gets killed by mr. pennywhistle...  over here downton abbey is on pbs.  thats why i watched it in britain, that way i dont feel guilty about not giving pbs any money!'
- billy gardell
- krysten ritter

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