+ during the show intro, craig ferguson talks with two audience members, jake and britney.  craig steps aside and jake pops the question to britney and they get engaged!  congrats!
+ 'i'll tell you why today is a great day', craig ferguson states, 'because its 12-12-12!  you know what that means?  exactly- nothing.  people say its the last time this century we will be repeating numbers like that.  but thats only if you use the gregorian calender, but i dont use the gregorian calander- i use a cowboys and ferrets calender!  12-12-12, it doesnt mean anything, but across the country there's a surge of weddings because people think if you get married today it is lucky.  you know what i think?  i think any day you get married is lucky.  she could be watching... its called insurance.  some think its lucky but other people think its unlucky.  i dont think its either, i mean i'll still be spending the night clutching my riffle in my underground bunker, but i do that every wednesday...'
+ a sean connery holiday memory
- chris o'dowd
- beth behrs

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