+ richie sambora plays the theme song for the show with a little (and i do mean little) help from larry king.  he should probably stick to his day job...
+ 'the list of the world's best cities came out today', craig ferguson informs, 'and no american city is in the top ten.  none!  guess what the highest ranking american city is?  vancouver!  yes, i know!  apparently its not even in america!  i've been there and they look just like us!  maybe they are a little more polite though, and their bacon is weird...  the next highest ranking real american city is honolulu and it came in at 28.  they got points taken off for bad public transportation, but apparently its a great place to go for fake birth certificates. number 29 was a tie between paris, france, adalaide, australia, and san franscisco.  according to this list the worst city in the world to live in is bagdad iraq.  i'm thinking thats clearly wrong as well, because i'm pretty sure we went there and fixed that place up pretty good!  hmmm... too soon?'
- cheryl hines
* peter segal

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