+ richie sambora is on the show with his band playing all week!  he and craig sing out the theme song at the top of the show!
+ 'over in brittan its a great day today,' craig ferguson points out, 'prince william and his lovely bride kiki wigglesworth is pregnant.  she has a krumpet in the nobblebox, a doodle in the noodle, a scone in the breadbox.  what we are saying is that the crown jewels are officially functional.  we do have a parchment: his royal highness, the prince of cambridge  did indeed, get all up in that.'  they have been married for a year and a half, thats like five kardashian marriages!  this is bad news for the paparazzi- a nursing baby is going to cover up this woman's breasts!  kate said that she is very nervous about giving birth.  giving birth to a baby wearing a crown is very difficult- thats were the term 'crowning' comes from! i'm telling you what i just made up in my head and its true!  apparently the royal couple told their family over the weekend.  prince william told his father they had exciting news and his father said 'the queen is dead?!?'.'
- seth macfarlane
- miranda kerr

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