+ 'its a great day if you like to see stars in danger', criag ferguson informs, 'earlier tonight fox aired a show called 'stars in danger: high dive'.  this is true!  'come on craig', i can hear you mumbling into your television, 'come on craig, reality tv stars in a diving competition, who would watch crap like that?'  i did!  i only watched the first half hour, in my defense, i didnt know there was going to be water in the pool.  one of the contestants on the show is antonio sabato jr.  i am a huge fan of antonio's, i can tell you everything about him- his dad is antonio sabato senior... i dont know anything else about him.  he does have the classic hot guy name though, its like rex hardabs, slab throbmeat, anderson cooper.  this diving show is an import from the netherlands, its a huge hit over there.  but not every reality show from the netherlands is going to work over here, is anyone going to watch 'so you think you can smoke hash?'  bad example...  there's other big reality shows from holland: there's 'clog boss', 'pimp my dutch oven', 'prostituting with the stars'.'
- steven wright
- genesis rodriguez

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