+ 'the latest report from the us census bureau has come out today', craig ferguson states, 'and for the first time, this is astonishing to me, more people are moving away from california than are moving to california.  people are leaving california in droves!  when i heard this i though 'ugh.  i dont care about this'.  but i've got to have something to talk about on my dumb late night show so i'll pretend to care about it.  ok, i care about it!  apparently the census bureau has said that one hundred thousand californians have left.  i think the number is wrong, i dont think those people left, its just that the census bureau didnt recognize them after the plastic surgery!  anyway, to those who are leaving california i give you the traditional california farwell: adios, amigos!'
- betty white
- morena baccarin
> terry fator

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