+ 'you know, its a big weekend for hollywood', craig ferguson shares, 'the hobbit movie opens today, i'm very excited about it, this is going to make a ton of money.  yes, its going to make more money than mitt romney spent loosing the election!  but here's my thing though, its three hours long and its the first part of a trilogy.  now, i've read the hobbit, its a great book, but its not that long a book.  it took me three hours to read the book, its going to be difficult to make one three hour movie, let alone a trilogy.  could this be a cynical move by hollywood to extend the revenue of their franchise?  thats not the hollywood i know, mister...  the hobbit, of course, is the story of bilbo baggins.  he was in lord of the rings, and the other characters from lord of the rings are there as well.  like that beautiful princess with the lovely long hair.  i forget her name though?  orlando bloom, thats right!'
+ a sean connery holiday memory
- bradley cooper
-> wolfgang puck

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