+ 'you know the big new movie thats out today that i'm excited about?' craig ferguson asks, 'its gangster squad!  i'm looking forward to this!  the leader of ganster squad is played by josh brolin.  i like josh brolin, i think he's a great actor.  he's a real tough guy, he looks like he can toe to toe with even the toughest adversary   see, that will happen if your step mom is barbara streisand.  you know what?  i feel like i'm in danger for having just said that...  you know, also in the movie is nick nolte.  not only is he a great actor, but he doest give a crap- i like that!  ganger squad takes place in the 1940's, when l.a. was ruled by a ruthless gang that defended its turf with threats and deception.  sort of like the kardashians but with better style.  sean penn is in this movie, now sean penn is a villian who says crazy things and punches out the good guys.  i'm not sure what he does in this movie though.  sean penn plays the legendary gangster mickey cohen, now in the 40's mickey cohen ran this town, now its run by mickey mouse and the disney gang.  the disney attack dogs are even more ruthless- they will sick goofy on your ass!'
- julie chen
- angela kinsey

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