+ its the last night of the richie sambora 'house band' week!
+ 'i'll tell you what i'm excited about today', craig ferguson states, 'a very big movie opening today, its one of the most highly anticipated movies of the year.  personally, i've been waiting for it for 10 years.  whats it called?  playing for keeps?  no, thats not the hobbit, i though that was coming out today... oh, that comes out next weekend.  well, whats that one called?  playing for keeps?  well, i want to see that too.  its actually based on the french film 'playing for crepes'.  its one of those romantic comedies.  who doesnt love a romantic comedy?  al quida, thats who!  this one's got gerry butler in it, gerard butler as he's known,  gerry is my friend.  all i know about this movie is that its gerry butler who plays a scottish soccer player who moves to america to teach kids soccer.  and i'm sure along the way he falls in love, gets his heart broken, learns a valuable life lesson, and everybody wins.  what i think is interesting is that it speaks volumes that they dont actually put soccer anywhere on the poster.  cause people in america do not love soccer, to most americans soccer is like warm hockey.'
- julie delpy
- lamorne morris
= to cap off the great week with richie sambora, craig ferguson joins him in singing 'sugar daddy' together!

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