+ 'i'll tell you what did happen today', craig ferguson informs, 'one of the greatest figures in popular music, a legend, a genius  david bowie turned 66 today.  to celebrate the birthday of david bowie, he released a new music video today.  i'm like 'dont you know that musicians dont do that anymore, mr bowie?'  the cool thing to do is to go on youtube and have a baby with a kardashian!  bowie is old school like that.  he announced the new video and a new album.  this is a surprise because he's been quite for 10 years, he hasnt done interviews or public appearances, he's probably like me: he doesnt like to leave the house because it involves putting on pants!  you know, this is true, last year david bowie was photographed walking around new york with a bag of groceries and it made headlines!  i'm glad bowie is back making music, it sounds good.  i wish i could be like bowie, just disappear, stay under the radar, out of the spotlight for ten years.  i've been doing this show eight years now, so another two to go and i'm in!  and i like that he's aging artistically  he's aging like an artist.  he's just getting older and doing it.  he's not making a fool of himself running around pretending to be a young man.  cough cough madonna cough cough!'
- billy connolly
- meaghan rath

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