neil gaiman on craig!

neil gaiman, best selling author, recently made his first visit to a late night talk show, and wisely he chose to make craig ferguson his first appearence! neil has written many amazing books and comic books, among them is his book 'american gods' which recently was republished for its 10 year anniversary. neil stopped by to talk about it a little, and talk about the episode of 'doctor who' that he wrote a lot!
neil also has a blog/journal of his own on his website and recently talked about his time on 'the late late show with craig ferguson'. he shares why he decided to go on this show instead of accepting the multiple invitations to be on letterman:
"Craig is one of us, whatever that means. People who like books and SF and make jokes about H. P. Lovecraft and plug Doctor Who..."
to read the rest of what neil wrote about his visit and to see a clip of his interview, check it out here!
neil also stops by chris hardwicke's nerdist podcast and talks about why he chose to appear on craig as his first late night appearance. its also really funny! check it out here.

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