+ 'its a great day for our magical neighbor to the north, the fabled land of canada', craig ferguson shares, 'the land famous for three delicious treats: bacon, maple syrup, and justin bieber. baby, please. today the canadians are getting a visit from the most famous newlyweds in the world, the royal couple are there: kloe kardashian and lamar odem. prince william is there with his lovely bride, kiki wigglesworth. the royal couple landed in canada with afternoon. i wonder if while they were on the plane if they joined the mile high club? or as they would call it the 1.6 kilometer high club. the royals were greeted at ottowa airport by thousands of hysterical canadians. and by hysterical i mean they all nodded politely and then apologized for nodding politely and then enjoyed a tasty treat. now if you know anything about me you know that ive always been anti royal. and by slightly, i mean vehemently! but i have to admit i've been won over by prince william and kiki. they seem nice, theyre young, theyre in love, they went against the tradition that usual goes on in the royal family: they married outside of the family gene pool.'
- henry winkler
# mike massimino astronaut

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