+ 'its a great day for science', craig ferguson shares, 'its a great day and a sad day. in just a few hours the space shuttle atlantis is scheduled to touch down in florida, the last shuttle landing ever. first harry potter, and now the space shuttle, all the things that i grew up with, all the touchstones of my youth are coming to an end. see young people, i'm just like you! except i'm older and creepier. i'm going to watch the final shuttle landing live on nbc. its sad watching an icon that defined the 80's come to an end, and i'll miss the shuttle too! a ha! i read that the crew of atlantis brought an iphone into space and they use it to track their experiments. i think 'track their experiments' is code for 'playing angry birds'. the commander of the atlantis is named chris ferguson, i think its heartening to see someone named ferguson make smart career choices. you know, some people are born to be astronauts, they look at the moon and say 'some day i'm going to go there', and other people like me look at the moon and say 'someday i'm going to meet a sexy werewolf'.'

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