craig on leno?!?

what? craig ferguson was on leno?!? yes, thats right, craig ferguson appeared on 'the tonight show with jay leno' last night. what is this world coming to?!? well, at least during that episode that had one good host on it! craig talks about being on leno during the opening bit of his own show, heres what he had to say: 'i was on the tonight show tonight with jay leno. it was funny, i was on the tonight show and they have everything there! he've got lights, and cameras, and an audience that wants to see the host! ok, maybe they dont have that... but they've got lights and cameras. theres bands there and a desk that isnt rickety, and there's glittery balls hanging from the ceiling! not just one glittery ball on a desk, they were hanging from the ceiling! as if they were free, you could just reach out and pluck them, as if they were some sort of disco fruit! anyway i just loved it, it was like for someone who does this job, like sitting in a big beautiful ferrari or something. and then i got to come back here, a soviet era sedan. and i'm not kidding, i go into the tonight show and they've all got free things, they are like 'hey craig, have free cups, here's a bath robe, here's a hat, and please take this complimentary car, and train, and here's some moisturizer that costs thousands. here, have your own leopard, off you go!' and then i come back here and put on this suit and i walk down the corridor to this studio and i see a crap stain on the carpet. and i thought, you know, i wouldnt be anywhere else!'

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