+ its tweets and email night! all the guests tonight will be helping out with answering the tweets and emails
+ 'according to a new study by security experts', craig ferguson begins, 'our email isnt as safe as we thought. now, how would they know this? because they are reading my email- those bastards! their next move is to try and steal all the money i'm getting from that nigerian prince! the study also says that 90 percent of all email is spam, you know, the spam about 'refinance your home', 'enlarge your penis', 'refinance your enlarged penis'... i've never understood why they call junk mail spam, cause spam is delicious and junk mail is just annoying. i read today that they call junk mail spam because it keeps popping up all over the place, like in the monty python sketch. i was disappointed, i always thought spam stood for 'sexy penis augmentation message'. and in a way, it does... i have to admit though, i'm hooked on the email. thats right young people, i'm just like you! thats right, i do the face chat and the farm tubes and everything. please except me into your 18-34 demographic and we will stick it to the man! you kids still have it in for the man, dont you? even though i send lots of emails, i still know how to communicate the old fashioned way: anonymous truck stop sex. you kids still do that, right?'
- stephen wright helps with the tweets
- ellie kemper helps with the tweets
- adam savage also helps with the tweets!

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