+ 'tonight is a great day for me', craig ferguson shares, 'because it is the season premier of project runway! i love that show! the poster for the latest season has heidi klum naked with a scissors. you should never use a scissors while you are in the nude, thats very dangerous. i actually had a horrible accident once from doing that. i wont go into the details, but lets just say, i cut off my penis. thankfully it grew back because i am a starfish... that happens if a starfish cuts off his penis on accident, which is pretty difficult because its very difficult to use a scissors if you are a starfish! 'if only i could cut this fabric i could go the the ball, instead i will just sit here on this rock'. listen, i probably shouldnt admit this, but i only watch three shows: project runway, mythbusters, and a hidden camera i have set up in a friends bedroom. thats right bob saget, i see what you did there! i tivo it as well. its rated m for 'mmm!'. i watched the first 8 seasons of project runway, so i kind of feel like everyone on that show is a member of my family- because they are all bitchy and never call me! i mean that in a loving way, of course...'

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