+ 'it is a big day for us today', craig ferguson admits, 'its a big day for the wizards and the house elves, the muggles, the ravenclaws, and the rufflepinks, because the movie they have all been waiting for is finally here: winnie the pooh! fun for the whole family, go see it! ah, i talked about pooh yesterday, actually i talk about poo every day! no, the other movie thats out today: harry potter! hurray! i love harry potter, the crowds are huge. its so tough to get tickets. how tough is it to get tickets? its so tough that rupert murdoch had to hack into the movie phone! now this movie is all about harry confronting his arch rival voldimort, a hideous villain with pale skin and awful teeth, which in brittan could be just about anybody... anyway, i just got into the harry potter recently because i've begun reading the books. you know, not for myself, but i've been reading them to my son. i like the books, they are great, actually. but some of the movies, i have to be honest with you, and i know this will be controversial, i'm like 'really?' i just watched the fourth one, the goblet of fire, after reading the book. the book is sensational then i watched the movie and i went 'really?' it made me pretty angry, the book is great. the movie doesnt even have winky the female house elf in it. how the hell can that happen? winky is my favorite character and they cut her out of the movie- you bastards! and let me tell you something, this new movie better have winky in it, in fact, every movie should have winky in it! from this moment on, i will only see movies that have winky in it!'

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