+ 'its july the seventh, so its seven seven today', craig ferguson observes, 'for some reason seven is considered a lucky number. maybe tonight we are all getting lucky! lets be honest, if you are watching this show, your luck just ran out. i dont know why seven is supposed to be lucky, maybe cause there's seven days in a week, seven musical notes, seven colors of the rainbow, seven wonders of the ancient world, seven deadly sins, seven seas, seven dwarves, and i have seven pet ferrets. anyway, i dont know why i'm giving so much thought in this number seven thing, i dont put any faith in that numerology crap, especially during an odd numbered month like now. people told me i'd believe in numerology if i saw a numerologist, but i'm not going. cause every time i go to someone with 'ologist' in their title, i end up bending over. and there is bad stuff too!'

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