+ 'today the big news, of course, is that in san diego its the first day of comic con!' craig ferguson states, 'its the biggest science fiction and comic book convention in the world. anyway, i cant believe that comic con is going on and i'm stuck here. geoff went last year and nobody recognized him, they thought he was keira knightley. for some reason comic con attracts a lot of fat dudes in underpants- and i cant believe i'm stuck here! i'm not sure i would fair well at comic con, i'm not sure if an old fellow like me would fit in with the young folks, or i'd fit into my wonder woman outfit either. people wear crazy outfits there, its like ren faire but with acne! its not just guys, women like this stuff too, or at least they say they do. i think its just an excuse to dress up like sexy princess leia. so what you should do is get yourself to comic con if you want to see fat guys in underpants trying to pick up princess leia. you'll hear a lot of 'hey baby, you want to take out my lightsaber? not my penis, i mean my actual lightsaber!' comic con is going on for the next four days, geeks from across america are descending on san diego like herds of bespecticled wildebeests. if you need your computer fixed this weekend, you are screwed.'

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