+ 'its a great day for those of you who like shakespeare and and those of you who like marajuana', craig ferguson states, 'which is just about all of you, isnt it? a noted anthropologist is saying that shakespeare smoked weed. you know, marajuana, sticky icky, or as it was known in his day 'yon tobaccy that be wacky'. now, i tried a little marajuana when i was young, but i didnt smoke much of it because i was concerned about the long term affects on my health. ha! and also i was too busy drinking and taking cocaine. this anthropologist makes a pretty good case. first he proved that canibus was grown in england during shakespeares time, they used it to make rope and parchment and hackie sacks... then the anthropologist discovered marajuana in a pipe burried in shakespeares garden! i'm like 'you just blew my fucking mind, man!' this is amazing to me, shakespeare had a garden?!? where did he find the time to work in a garden? he wrote 38 plays, 154 sonnets, i do this show once a day five days a week and i dont have time to trim my rosebushes!'
- mary-louise parker
-> dom irrera

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