+ 'its not such a great day in washington d.c.', craig ferguson states, 'everybody's terrified about this debt ceiling, cause if we dont raise it it could cause financial chaos, which would be horrifying! a lot of people dont understand what the debt ceiling situation is. i'm going to try and explain the debt ceiling in terms that we can all understand: its this ceiling for our debt. i hope that helped. its actually very simple, the government spends more money every year and every time the congress votes for a bigger budget they are required to have a separate vote to raise the debt ceiling to pay for that budget. now, when the president and the congress are members of the same party, raising the debt ceiling: not a big deal. its like asking your buddy 'can i borrow twenty bucks for lunch?' but if they are on opposite parties, its like asking your wife for money to go to the strip club! see? now, weirdly enough, the last time this happened was during the clinton administration! 'i swear hillary, each lap dance costs three billion!' you know what really worries people who know stuff about stuff? we owe a record amount of money to china. and the chinese are starting to drop little hints that they might want it back! they have! last night i got chinese and the fortune cookie said 'where's our money, bitch!'.'

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