+ 'its a great day for us here in los angeles', craig ferguson shares, 'we have in fact survived 'carmageddon'. yes, the giant freeway closure. we made it through. what a load of crap! for three months the local news here has been drilling it into our heads saying the same word over and over and over again. there were updates on a freeway closure! every hour on the hour 'still closed. still closed. still closed. freeway's still not open!' now, if you dont live here in l.a., first of all, congratulations. but if you dont live here you might not have heard about the 'carmageddon' bruhaha. the local 405 freeway here was closed for the weekend to 'get some work done', just like everyone else in l.a. it was to add an extra traffic lane for jay leno's cars or something. anyway, the 405 freeway is the main highway here in southern california. if freeways were kardashians, then the 405 would be kim. you know, its more popular than the other ones, a little more glamorous, has room for a carpool lane... apparently they are going to close the freeway again next year for even more construction. cause if theres one thing hollywood loves, its making a sequel to something that sucked the first time! they are going to have to give it a better title so people will get excited about it! may i suggest 'carmageddon and the deathly hallows part 2'!'

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