+ 'we've got a bunch to worry about here in america', craig ferguson states, 'and everyone is worried about the same thing. thats right, the joffrey dancers are being locked out. its true, the joffrey ballet dancers are being locked out and might lead to season being cancelled. what the fuck!?! i cant believe this shit! the joffrey ballet is in chicago, and needless to say the locals are not happy. the people of chicago love two things: da bears, and da ballet! it must be tough to be a ballet dancer in a city known for its deep dish pizza. now chicago is a city without dance! is this the plot to footloose? we have to send kevin bacon to chicago to restore their faith in the power of a loose foot! as of now, chicago's ballerinas are locked out. that means the union talks have failed, everythings at a stand still until they can get it worked out, this could lead to a strike. and the most graceful picket line ever! you've got lock outs going in the nfl and the nba as well, where can we go to find guys in tight pants?!? dont worry, i'll find somewhere...'

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