+ 'its not a great day for rupert murdoch', craig shares, 'you know rupert murdoch, the adorable media baron who owns fox, fox news, fox sports, fox and friends, foxy, and megan fox... his cheerful drive for global domination has hit a snag. the british government has announced that they may cancel his 14 billion dollar satellite deal because they have discovered something about mr. murdoch: he's evil! thats how on the ball the british government is! 'i say, this ruthless billionaire may not be entirely trustworthy'. anyway, in the media business being evil isnt always a bad thing, there's also the loveable kind of evil we have here at cbs! anyway, rupert murdoch is in the business where evil and awesome gets blurry, one of murdoch's tabloids went too far. they hacked people's phones and listened to their voicemails. victims said that their iphones were so screwed up they were actually working! lawyers are saying there is a technical word for accessing someone's voicemail without permission, the word is 'crime', and the people who do it are often called 'criminals'. apparently criminals arent allowed to buy britian's largest satellite network. they have very quaint laws over there...'

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