+ 'its the 4th of july weekend!', craig celebrates, 'its a great big weekend, a lot of people will be going to the movies, very big movies open this weekend. what better way to celebrate america's birthday than spending it with two hours with a big gangly machine that crushes men in its iron jaws. i am, of course, talking about the new julia roberts movie! theres a new julia roberts movie, its called larry crown, its julia roberts and tom hanks. i have no idea what its about but they probably hook up. you know the kids are going to be lining up for that one! young people will be going to see the new transformers movie. the transformers of course were originally a line of toys from the 80's, transformers, more than meets the eye! i was too old for that in the 80's, but i had my own transformer- tequilla, makes me do gay stuff! you know megan fox isnt in the new transformers movie. she was fired! it was very sad, they replaced her with ashton kutcher. thats not true, they replaced her with a lamp. thats a bit harsh, isnt it?'

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SilasInSeattle said...

Craig was hilarious on his appearance last night, 7-13-11, on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno." He plugged his VO on the upcoming "Winnie the Pooh" film, and was more than his usual charming self. I'm hoping the network will consider CraigyFerg's talent when Leno steps down. Then again, Letterman's really getting stale and needs replacing, so maybe there's a bidding war in the future.