+ 'its not such a great day for me', craig ferguson states, 'because i had to do something very unpleasant today, something i never look forward to: i had to arrive. no, much worse: i had to watch the cbs sexual harassment video. we all have to watch the sexual harassment video, even david carusoe has to watch it, he actually has to watch it twice, once with the sunglasses and once without. they herd us all into this room and watch this badly lit hour long program with terrible performances- i feel right at home! here's the kicker though, at the end when you watch the sexual harassment video they say 'now making jokes about the sexual harassment video is, in itself, a form of sexual harassment'. i'm like 'whaaa?!?' it was too much for me, so i protested cbs' ridiculousness the only way i knew how- i took off my pants! anyway, finally the lawyer said i was able to make fun of the video tape on the show. i dont think they think i have a show, they just think i'm the crazy janitor or something. now, i understand what they are trying to do with the sexual harassment seminar, but they treat us like we are idiots. i think most guys know when they are being kind of creepy to a woman at work. so if you are a guy and you are being creepy- knock it off! guys, dont gather around the water cooler talking about sex, unless its sex with a water cooler, and i dont want to hear about that... well, maybe i do! nothing turns me on like five gallon jugs!'

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