+ 'its a great day for the human race, i have to say', craig ferguson shares, 'or is it? according to these learned men, who for the purpose of this show, we will call 'scientists'. human DNA has revealed that we are a lot closer to neanderthal than we thought. humans and neanderthals didnt just coexist, apparently they used to... um, knock stones. 'paint each other's caves', if you know what i'm sayin', 'spear the mammoth', if the cave was a rockin, dont come a knockin! a recent headline reads 'humans had sex with neanderthals, says DNA'. who said science cant be fun? science never use the term 'caveman', they use neanderthal because primitive man did not always live in caves, they lived in other places too. we wasted a lot of time looking for them in caves when all along they lived in million dollar compounds in pakistan! anyway, scientists now have evidence that humans and neanderthals mated. personally i'm not surprised we have caveman DNA, i can certainly see my caveman roots. i'm very rugged and outdoorsy, some days i will walk out of the house without putting on any moisturizer!'

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