+ 'we are live, of course, so officially its may the 21st', craig ferguson admits, 'so, i know what you are thinking, 'today is a big day', and you are right because youve seen the billboards, they are all over the country. they say 'judgement day, may the 21st'. well well. i hope its not judgement day, it would completely ruin our summer! think of all the things we would miss, like the hangover 2. if this is the last day on earth this could be the last tv show you'd see, so why dont you put in a dvd or something. on you go, apparently i wont be here when you get back... i'm going to go out on a limb here and say something controversial: today is not judgement day. you know whats going to happen today? i'm not going to say nothing, stuff will happen today but it wont be the end of days. i keep emergency food just in case, enough for me and my ferrets. i'm just kidding, i dont keep emergency food for my ferrets- i breast feed them! you know the guy who paid for all these billboards is a very religious man, a very successful religious broadcaster. he thinks today is going to be the big day because he added up a bunch of numbers and came up with may the 21st. its very complicated, so you know what he's going to do on sunday is 'oh, um... i forgot to carry the seven...' the other thing you should know about this guy is that twenty years ago, i'm not kidding ya, he wrote a book called '1994' about the end of the world. he predicted that the world would end in september of 1994. his record is a little patchy in this department'.

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