+ 'the 2012 presidential race is heating up', craig ferguson shares, 'the first major nation wide pole is out today. it has mit romney ahead of barak obama. but lets be honest, none of them are as popular as anthony wiener's weiner. yet another tough day for new york's most penisy congressman. the list of women who got sexy pics from anthony weiner keeps growing. as of right now its a porn star, a single mom from texas, a black jack dealer, and a student from seatle. i'm like, is this a sex scandle or the next cast of survivor? today the porn star in question, apparently he tried to get her to lie about the messages he sent, but she refused. good! i'd hate to think that a porn star would degrade herself by taking orders from a congressman. but i have to ask, what kind of world are we living in when a porn star makes weiners go down? its reverse world!'

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