+ 'its a great day for scotty mcreary, the new winner of american idol', craig ferguson shares, 'if you havent seen scotty, hes a country singer with a really deep voice, he's very young though. the ladies love scotty. the female voters when cockahoop over his cute southern charm and his accent and his loveliness. but remember, dont forget girls, you felt the same way about clay aiken... both of the finalists of american idol this year are country singers and i like that. i've always been a fan of the country music, its very popular in scotland. it resonates with scottish people with the 'gettin' drunk, gettin' yer heart broke, and then gettin' drunk again'. people talk about rap music is violent, but country music is very violent, the great johnny cash sang a song about shooting a man just to watch him die, carrie underwood had that beating the crap out of her boyfriend's car, then the guy who sang 'take this job and shove it' and i've got a pretty good idea where he had in mind! country music is centralized in nashville. i've been to nashville, while i was there i really wanted a cowboy hat. so i found a hat store and got a snake skin cowboy hat. dont send me letters, peta, it was artificial snake skin, it was fake. i like my cowboy hats like i like my boobies: i like em big and fake and pushed down over my eyes...'


Marty said...

Sorry.........Clay Aiken NEVER sang a country song in his professional musical career. You need to get your facts straight.

6 albums...not one country song

2 runs on Broadway.....no country songs there.

Scotty was still in high school when he won...Clay was 24. Seems the only thing they have in common is that they are both from North Carolina.

mb said...

Marty, sorry about the confusion! sometimes when the spoken word is written it can be misinterpreted. Craig was finishing his thought about clay aiken and starting a new thought about the contestants this year when he said that both finalists were country singers. when he was talking about country singers he was not including aiken on that list, he meant the two finalists from this current season.