+ 'finally, its memorial day weekend. i'm very excited', craig ferguson shares, 'the movie hangover part 2 is coming out today. its the sequel to the first hangover movie, which was a huge hit. it made household names out of the bird looking guy, the fat guy with the beard, and the other guy who lost his tooth- these are household names! the ads for the hangover 2 are everywhere! youve got to hand it to warner brothers, they came up with a fantastic marketing campaign. theyve done a great job, what they did was they watched what cbs does for this show and did the complete opposite of that. where as for the hangover they put up giant billboards, cbs go 'i didnt know we had a guy on after dave. did you know we have a guy on after dave?'. anyway, the hangover part 2 is already causing a great deal of controversy. one character gets a face tattoo like mike tyson. so mike tyson's tattoo artist is suing warner brothers because they ripped off his design and i think he's got a point. thats right, i am taking the side of an unknown tattoo artist against hollywood's biggest studio and its army of lawyers. wait, no i'm not. i just thought of that, thats a stupid thing to do. sorry tattoo guy, but i still have dreams of getting into show business some day. one day they are going to make a biopic of liza minelli and i'm going to be there!'

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