+ 'president obama just kicked off a six day european tour', craig ferguson states, 'which is actually quite terrifying- this means joe biden is in charge! anyway, today the president when to ireland, he has roots there. my father's mother was from donegal actually. i've never been, i should visit. ireland is pretty close to where i'm from. now ireland was being called the celtic tiger because of its huge economic growth in the 1990's, but recently ireland had to be bailed out to the tune of one hundred million dollars. granted, most of that was for an outstanding bar tab, but still! ireland got most of that cash from the imf, but that was before the imf had to spend most of that money on bail money. do you know that percentage wise, there are more people with red hair in ireland than anywhere else in the world. i'm glad i dont have red hair, especially... downstairs... it would look like my penis was wearing a clown wig. again. 'who wants to go to the circus?' no offense to carrot top who is on the show tomorrow night...'

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