+ 'this weekend dublin is hosting the world atheist convention', craig ferguson states, 'wait a minute, 'craig, are you advocating the rejection of belief in the existence of deities?' no, so dont write to me angry letters people of all religions. if you must sent them, send them to andy rooney at cbs... i'm sure this aithiest convention will be a bunch of laughs, it'll be hilarious. i just think its weird that they are having it in dublin ireland, its not exactly the place i would choose to introduce alternative religious beliefs. trust me, i know what i'm talking about here! dublin is, of course, home to the world famous guinness brewery. and guinness was something i used to believe in very religiously, in fact it still holds a somewhat mystical appeal to me. an atheist convention is a mass gathering of people who could be described as godless. or as we call it in hollywood: hollywood. i'm guessing you dont get a lot of advertisers for the world atheist convention. 'brought to you by starbucks, there's no afterlife so just stay awake all the time'. now listen, i am not an atheist. i know some people who are, its ok, we live in america, we can believe what ever we want. but as for me, i'll tell you what i believe: children are the future. teach them well and let them lead the way. show them all the beauty they possess inside. give them a sense of pride. and smoke crack. cbs cares.'

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