craig is going to france!

is craig taking 'the late late show with craig ferguson' on the road? you bet! here's what he said recently on the show: 'i've had an idea. sometimes people come up to me and say 'craig, do you ever get bored coming out and doing the same thing night after night in the dimly lit studio?' yeah. cause then they say 'cause we get bored with you doing the same thing night after night after night'. so i said alright, i've got an idea. you know how proper talk shows go on the road and have like 'a week of shows from san francisco' or 'a week of shows from chicago' and they say 'yea', well i want to do a week of shows from another town. and they go 'well, we cant afford that'. well what can you afford? 'well, you and the robot and one other person can fly to a town of your choice. coach.' so thats what we are going to do. i'm going to do a week of shows, we are going to film the next week, i'm going to film a week of shows from paris france! so yeah, we are going to paris france! me, my robot, and my best girl by my side. well, best girl on the show, not my wife. kristin bell is coming with me. me, kristin bell, and geoff are going to paris to do a week of shows! yeah!'

they wont be broadcast until the first week of august though, so we will just have to be patient!

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