+ 'its friday, its another big movie day', craig feguson states, 'what movie opens today? well, if you are looking for movie tips then you have come to the right place, who better to give movie tips than to ask a man who goes to see only one movie a year. or how ever often they release a new twilight movie! anyway, the movie opening today is not about a superhero. what?!? isnt it summer? arent we supposed to get a superhero movie every friday? i guess we will have to wait a whole week until the green lantern opens. i am officially sick of superhero movies, i dont need to see one anymore. i feel the same way about inspirational posters of kitties just hanging on to things. sometimes i just want that stupid kitty to fall. there, i said it! let go, kitty, what the point? anyway, so i'm glad the movie opening this weekend isnt about superheroes. its called 'super 8' and its about serious issues we can all relate to, like a big monster from another planet goes nuts and blows stuff up. you know whats weird about this movie? its set in a town that freaks out when its over run by aliens, and the town is not located in arizona!'
- kevin bacon winner of the coveted golden harmonica!

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