+ 'today is a very important day', craig ferguson announces, 'i look forward to this day all year. its my favorite thursday. today is, and i'm not kidding, its donald duck day. this is the day the mighty disney corporation says we celebrate our favorite donald. sorry, donald trump. donald duck and donald trump are very different of course, one is a noisy cartoon character with a feathery ass who is a pompous idiot that no one can understand, and the other one is donald duck. wait a minute, donald trump has a feathery ass? maybe, i dont know. do you want to check? neither do i, i guess this will remain a mystery. if you are still confused by what i'm talking about, donald duck is the one who has a better chance of being president. donald duck is famous for walking around in a little sailor hat and no pants. i'm kind of famous for that too... when he does it its adorable, but when i do it i get arrested!'

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