+ 'its quite a sad day here in los angeles', craig ferguson shares, 'the l.a. police commission has voted to get rid of the red light traffic cameras. which is very upsetting to me cause i love posing for them. every time i was near the intersection i would suck in my cheeks and make a pouty face, and then i would rear end somebody. and then i would get in my car. quite, you will wake up the censor... running the red light is one of the stupidest things you could ever do. i'm all for putting in cameras if they stop people from doing it, but they are controversial, you see. look, i know an easy way to reduce traffic accidents, heres what we do: cancel the show 'project runway' then we wont all be in such a hurry to get home to see it! oh, just me then? hundreds of cities in america use the red light traffic cameras but only here in l.a. we voted to take them down. in case you needed a reminder , we are not like the rest of the country. we dont need your stinkin traffic cameras just like we dont need your clean air, your human decency, or your real human breasts. we dont need any of that here! thats not a lie...'

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