+ 'there's a lot of bruhahaing going on at the secret service', craig ferguson shares, 'the officials had to delete a tweet from the official secret service twitter account cause they made fun of fox news. i'm like, knock it off secret service! thats my job! i dont go around talking into my hand, doing courageous stuff, and helping people do i?!? well, you knock off making fun of... yes. i just realized i was yelling at the secret service. not that smart. what did the tweet say? it said 'had to monitor fox for a story. cant. deal. with. the. blathering'. not that bad, really, blathering. people say that on twitter about this show, and that person is me. i understand that the secret service wants to appear impartial, but is anyone really offended here that fox news is described as blather? they are a 24 hour cable channel, blather is what they do. fox news does right wing blather, msnbc does left wing blather, the e channel does kardshian blather, cinemax does boobie blather, nbc's got leno blather... i think i would be a good secret service agent, i could go undercover and no one would discover my secret identity. because, years ago, i accidentally burned off my finger prints. it was with a curling iron. i thought my downstairs hair wasnt curly enough, so i tried to fix it. i had to wait until it got really hot down there, then i started screaming, and then i turned on the curling iron and got to work... that is so stupid! i've got a question about this though, what is the secret service doing with a twitter account? isnt their job to keep things secret? just sayin. i'm just proposing that the secret service shouldnt have a twitter account because they are meant to be secret. to be fair, they have only had the account for 10 days, before that they were on myspace. thats funny because myspace has fallen out of favor with me and my cyber posse. i'm just like you, young people, except i'm older. with no finger prints and burnt genitals. happens to us all over time...'

- tony shalhoub man, this interview was incredibly awkward...

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