+ 'its not such a great day for fans of the oprah show', craig ferguson laments, 'dont worry though, oprah's show will be in reruns until september, and then she will be replaced by ashton kutcher. see what i did there? this really is the end of an era, what are we going to do without oprah? a world with out oprah is like a donut without jelly, like a kardashian without back hair. its just not something you can think of! i like to think oprah is not really retired, she's a bit like batman, you can shine a light up into the sky and she will reappear when we need her most. like when we cant think of what to read. i think the reason that the oprah show was so popular was cause she allowed her audience to see her struggles. we all know she struggled with her weight, she was skinny, then she got heavy, they she was skinny again. then her financial struggles- she was rich, then she was richer, now she's richest. and earlier this year we learned that oprah has a secret sister. that has to be amazing, to find out you are oprah's long lost sister. i would change my name right away to kaching! 'have you met my sister kaching winfrey?' 'hi, where's my car?' its not an exaggeration to say that oprah has touched millions of women around the world, but unlike arnold schwarzzenegger, she didnt leave them pregnant! good job, oprah!'

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