touch my glittery ball

carrot top was recently on 'the late late show with craig ferguson' and while doing his prop comedy one of his props broke! after the show he must have given the broken tiny disco ball to craig, because now craig has it featured on his desk! at the end of each guest craig has been prone to ask the guest how they would like to end their interview: awkward pause, or play the mouth organ. now with this tiny disco ball he has opened up a third option: touch my glittery ball! when a guest takes that option he pulls it over, set on its super fancy stand (a roll of electrical tape), and tells them: 'mr. bus driver, touch my glittery ball!' its a funny bit, but craig himself isnt too sure about it, often informing the guest that the kinks havent really been worked out yet, but still giving them the option to touch it. well, lets see where this third option goes and if craig can figure out a way to touch his glittery ball!

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Joe Destruction said...

Craig, and his glittery ball (I say reluctantly!) rule late night!!