+ 'its not a great day for one amercian: new york congressman anthony wiener', craig ferguson states, 'it kind of writes itself, doesnt it? i call him tony wiener, not to be confused with nathan lane, who is a tony winner. it turns out that wiener is in a bit of hot water. some times thats very pleasant, of course, but not this time... congressman wiener's twitter account was hacked allegedly, and someone texted a picture of his junior senator to a college girl. now this is good news for me because now i can get on the cbs computer and type in wiener photos at work and not get fired! wiener photos, 'i'm working!' congressman wiener will not say that the photograph is not of him, but he does say that it may have been digitally manipulated... i cant believe the media is making such a big deal out of this little thing... or not so little. the congressman thinks that the hackers are targeting him because of his last name: wiener. which is very bad news for congressman harry vagina.'

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