+ 'tonight's show is a little different', craig ferguson warns, 'i mean, some things will be the same, i'm going to go back and then come out in a minute and people will cheer, then i'm going to go 'great day for america', then the audience is going to pretend i haven't been here, you will be like 'why does he always come out then even though he's already been on...?'  all that will be the same, but my only guest tonight will be my friend stephen fry.  now, i warn you, stephen is an out spoken man, he has views that you may find difficult, and you may find they make you angry or upset.  let this be the point when i say to you 'maybe this is a good night to get an early night'.  if you don't mind engaging in a bit of mental gymnastics with stephen, then please stay. i'd love you to stay because he is a fascinating, brilliant, intelligent man.  as the evening goes on we will talk about stuff that is challenging to talk about and think about.  it wont all be cheeky monkeys, but there will be some of that.  all i'm saying is this: this is a late night show, and sometimes i take advantage of that.  i do hope you will too.'
- stephen fry

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