+ 'ill tell you why i'm excited', craig ferguson states, 'the cannes film festival started today.  i'm very excited, its a great day if you love cinema.  its a great day for those who love cinema, which is everyone, and for those people who love the french- the french!  anyone who is anyone in show business is in france right now.  i know what you are thinking, 'but craig, you are here in los angeles'.  exactly!  i am lower on the show business ladder than justin bieber's monkey!  the cannes film festival, we took the show to france a couple of years ago.  today in fance, the cannes film festival, the whole concept is ridiculous- these hollywood people spend thousands of dollars to fly to france, then spend a week sitting inside a movie theater!  they never see france!  we have movie theaters in l.a.!  its like going to a strip club for the buffet- its stupid!  its like going to a dodgers game to see a winning team!  wait, to be fair, you will see a winning team at a dodgers game, it just wont be the dodgers...'
- ice-t
paula poundstone

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