+ 'its a great day for the nba star jason collins', craig ferguson informs, 'he is the first athlete in a major u.s. sport to officially announce he's gay.  good for you jason!  he's a free agent now, but i'll bet that next season he will start for the utah jazz hands!  his last team was the washinton wizards.  he's not the first openly gay wizard, that trail was blazed by dumpledore.  remember dumpledore? j.k. rawling was the one who wrote him, she said dumpledore was gay and people were like 'ahhh!'  he's fictional!  so far the reaction from fans and teammates has been nothing but positive.  but why shouldnt it be positive?  jason collins has nothing to be ashamed of, its not like he plays for the lakers!  i think the positive reaction to jason's announcement is a great sign, it shows us that nba fans want to embrace diversity and they really want to focus on what unites them: hating the miami heat!  i have to say, i have no idea what i just said...'
- mary mccormack
- jim o'heir

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