+ 'i'll tell you why i'm really excited: iron man 3 opens today!'  craig ferguson exclaims, 'this time iron man goes up against his most dangerous enemy yet: rust!  'iron man, watch out for the sprinklers!'  i don't care who iron man fights, i'm just glad he's back.  my favorite is the theme song: 'iron man, iron man, does what ever iron can'.  alright, that's spider-man.  i always get iron and spiders mixed up.  that's why i rub a tarantula over my pants before i put them on!  its in my pants right now- best feeling ever!  keep dancing, my hairy friend!  you too, little spider!  anyway, the trailer looks fantastic.  i liked the first two iron man movies, i like that he doesn't keep his identity a secret.  everyone knows he's tony stark, he's just free to be himself, he wont pretend to be someone else.  he wont let the uniform hide who he truly is, he's like the nba's jason collins!  good for you, jason, good for you!  iron man, of course, played by robert downey jr. who is fantastic.  he is saying though, that this might be the last time he will be playing iron man.  that's hollywood code for 'hey movie studio, pony up!'.'
- angela kinsey
simon amstell

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