+ 'there's a big movie out today that i'm excited about', craig ferguson states, 'the great gatsby.  leonardo di caprio is a billionaire who can have any woman he wants and never seems to be happy.  i dont know what he plays in the movie, but leonardo is...  the great gatsby is based on f. scott fitzgerald's novel.  i was surprised when i saw that it was in 3D though, i think what they want to do is they want to use fitzgerald's sardonic critique of materialism to come right at you!  doing it in 3D, they should have jazzed up the title as well, they should have called it 'too fast, too gatsby' or something.  this is the fifth time someone's made a film version of gatsby.  five film versions of great gatsby, and not a single version of snookie's book!  good job, hollywood!'
- tom lennon
- cat deeley

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