+ 'its a day on broadway this week', craig ferguson shares, 'the nominations for the tony awards came out yesterday.  only 40 more days till the broadcast, so i'm going to start getting in shape.  i'm not going, i just like to watch it at home with my shirt off.  there's a musical called 'kinky boots' that got all the nominations.  its about a little shoe store that starts making sexy dominatrix boots.  its the best play about fetish wear since 'annie get your gimp mask', 'my fair nipple clamps', 'jersey toys', 'joseph and the amazing technicolor assless chaps'!  the music from kinky boots is written by cindi lauper.  there's a video on youtube about here, a few years ago she was at a concert, she was singing at the concert, and a bird pooped in her mouth!  that's true!  here's why she is an american hero: she kept on singing!  she cannot be stopped by bird poop!'
- michael ian black
- lena headey

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