+ 'its a great day for america because we have a new american idol!' craig ferguson exclaims, 'hurrah... congratulations, you...  you had me when you sang that song about love and stuff.  then the fans of the other person were like 'boo!' and randy jackson was like 'dog' and stuff.  i don't watch that crap.  they are in trouble in the ratings these days, they are down 40 percent since last year.  this is true, this season american idol was beaten by duck dynasty in the ratings!  duck dynasty, you know, they show with two dudes sitting there in a tree going 'that a duck?' 'nope, that aint a duck, that's a quail'.  that's the show that beat american idol!  if you don't know duck dynasty, its like honey boo boo, but replace the girl with a duck...'
- paul reiser
- yunjin kim

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