+ 'its a great day today if you like robots', craig ferguson states, 'here's the thing, a new study has come out that says by the year 2030, household robots will dominate every phase of our lives.  so far, we've only got a robot that can lift its arm, right geoff?  but the technology is moving faster.  i'm all for robots doing work for us, but to be honest, do we humans need to be any lazier?  really?  have you been to vegas recently?  there's like a sea of rascal scooters the minute you get in there!  the study also says that robot driven cars are less than five years away!  robot driven cars!  i've got mixed feelings about it, its sounds cool, but its tricky for late night douche bags like me.  it would mean the end of the celebrity DUI!  what are we going to talk about?  and some of these cars will be voice activated, the engine turns on whenever they hear reese witherspoon say 'do you know who i am?!?'  you know what i like in movies, though, is that robots always go nuts when they're given the emotion chips so they can feel real feelings.  now, i hope they never do that sort of thing with household robots.  i don't ever want a vacuum cleaner capable of feeling shame...'
- john cho
- sara rue

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