+ 'its a great day to be in sweden', craig ferguson shares, 'but then again, when isn't it a great day to be in sweden?  sweden is full of gorgeous blondes with long flowing hair and casual attitudes toward sex.  the women are hot too!  i read today in stockholm, which is a town in sweden- the capitol, they have opened the worlds first museum devoted exclusively to abba!  now, if you dont like abba go and join al quida!  actually, even al quida love abba!  this museum in sweden claims to have the worlds biggest collection of abba memorabilia.  they clearly haven't seen my bedroom!   i love abba, when i was younger hearing an abba song made me instantly happy, it would wake me right up.  all i wanted to do was stay up and play more abba.  no, wait, hold on, i'm thinking of cocaine...'.'
- zach galifianakis
- andrea riseborough

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